Deliver the digital lending experience your dealers and sales teams want

Streamline the credit process making it easier for vendors to work with you and close more business

The old, manual, and paper-based origination process slows down business and isn’t what vendors expect from modern lenders.

Time to close with financing

1-20+ Days

Human Touches


Administrative Overhead


Data Exchanges

Sales Commission


DCR is a modular, integrated software stack that makes it faster and easier to originate and process loans directly or through commercial equipment vendors.

Time to close with financing

Minutes, not hours
or days

Human Touches

1 Seamless

Administrative Overhead


Data Exchanges

Sales Commission


Our proprietary Lending-as-a-Service platform seamlessly facilitates the entire loan process between vendors, and borrowers so you can …

  • Increase access to originations
  • Increase dealer stickiness
  • Improve dealer & customer experience

  • Digitize your finance process
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Increase transaction speed

  • Lower costs and improve risk-adjusted yield
  • Differentiate your offering
  • Automate for more efficiencies

Become their preferred financing source

Dealers love lenders who help them streamline their business processes and win with customers

Tools to Help Dealers Win

Secure Digital Credit Application

Get rid of paper and PDFs and embed a white-label or co-branded credit application on your website, protecting you and your customers from fraud, privacy concerns, or legal risk.

Instant Pre-Qualification Tool

Help your vendors soft credit check their prospects (without their SSN) so they’ll know exactly who they’re dealing with and how to engage them.

Advanced AI Credit Scoring Technology

Build a custom credit scorecard powered by our integrations with major credit bureaus like , and