Align all deal stakeholders on a single, streamlined credit collaboration platform.

Making commercial equipment lending faster, smarter and better for dealers, manufacturers, lenders, and buyers.

When deal stakeholders aren’t on the same page,

hassles, confusion, sales slowdown, and legal risks abound.

Inefficiencies and Hassles

Countless back-and-forth emails and phone calls between parties makes the credit process an inefficient hassle for everyone.


Despite all this “communication,” it’s still hard to determine deal status and next steps without a centralized, single source of truth.

Sales Slowdown

Inefficiencies and confusion aren’t just inconvenient – they slow down deals which delay time to revenue.

Legal risk

Transmitting customer information over insecure, open channels that are not private, auditable, or compliant creates alarming legal and financial exposure.

In today’s economy, brands that won’t innovate

can’t respond to market conditions and ultimately get left behind.

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This is Credit Desk Pro

The platform that enables a better credit process to create better sales, legal, and customer outcomes.

No matter your role in the deal, Credit Desk Pro streamlines your processes and bridges communication gaps between you and other stakeholders.

Credit Manager

– Enable a single, online credit app for all scenarios, lenders, etc.
– Automatically route credit aps to the correct lenders based on predefined criteria (manufacturer, SKU, credit score, etc.)
– Limit risk through instant credit decisioning and custom credit score cards
– Diversify your lending options with the DCR Lender Marketplace

Sales Person

– Deliver a superior buying experience using a single credit app for all scenarios
– Provide an instant quote based on product manufacturer, SKU, etc.
– Gain visibility into deals in the finance stage with automatic alerts and an online portal
– Prequalify prospects

Sales Manager

– Track sales person activity
– Gain visibility into deals in the finance stage with automatic alerts and an online portal



– Digitize the credit application, eliminating paper and incomplete applications
– Expedite document collection and eSignatures
– Track all credit submissions, supporting documents, and status in a single online portal
– Get proactively notified when deals require attention



– Elegant e-commerce and in-store experience with a single credit app regardless of credit score, items purchased, or any other variable
– Get pre-approved and shop with confidence


Trusted by dealers nationwide

“We no longer have to spend our time and effort managing the customer finance process; DCR Credit Desk Pro does all of the work for us and keeps us updated every step of the way.”

Justin Marshall

President at Trak Traders, Inc.

“It sometimes took days to get customers financing. Because of DCR, we have a 24/7 digital credit department and we now complete the entire financing process in minutes, with no back and forth between the customer and bank. We’re closing more deals in less time.”

Doug Eaton

COO at Surgically Clean Air

Built-in Data Management, Security and Compliance

We secure your data with the best methods available. DCR portals are designed with multiple layers of protection across distributed, reliable infrastructure.

Protected by bank-grade Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology

Hosted at SOC 2 Type II certified data centers

AWS’s Cloud Platform for further data security

Data at rest is encrypted and backed up regularly

Next Steps

Don’t risk falling behind in an increasingly competitive market. Choose your next step so you can innovate your credit process get a leg up on the market.

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